Power Repair Service specializes in complete overhauls of a wide range of machinery, including process pumps, gas compressors, turbines, expanders, gear boxes, blowers and large machine motors.
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Manual Machining

CNC Machining

Manual Machining

At our Power Repair Service facility, we use a large selection of high grade manual machines to manufacture the precision parts needed for your repair. This in-house capability allows us to maintain quality control and minimize turnaround times. Our equipment includes:

Horizontal Lathes

  • Kingston (various sizes)
  • Lodge and Shipley (22x20/12" bore)
  • Kingston (40"x196")
  • Sharp (60"x360")

Vertical Lathes

  • Niles 40"

Horizontal Mills (HBMs)

  • Masteel 130 (56"x48"x40")
  • Masteel 150 (78"x70"x59")
  • Comet 130 (45"x53"x50")

Vertical Mills

  • 3 Bridgeport
  • 1 Alliant
  • 1 Acer

Thread Rolling

  • LMT Fette Rolling Heads
  • Adapted to Kingston Lathe and Okuma CNC lathes (small sizes)

Production Saw

  • Hydmech H14A (15"x15")

Horizontal Band Saw

  • Hydmech H40/60 (40"x60")

Cylindrical Grinders

  • Landis (10"x24")
  • Landis (14"x48")
  • Cincinnati (16"x170")

Surface Grinders

  • Norton (14"x36")
  • Thompson (18"x72")

Blanchard Grinder

  • Mattison (42" x 18")

Key Cutter

  • D.C. Marrrison 3" Key Seater

Radial Arm Drill Press