Power Repair Service specializes in complete overhauls of a wide range of machinery, including process pumps, gas compressors, turbines, expanders, gear boxes, blowers and large machine motors.
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Shop Service

Power Repair Service’s professional mechanics have many years of experience repairing all types of rotating equipment. We perform careful diagnostic evaluations and provide detailed inspection reports and repair recommendations. Our broad range of high quality equipment allows us to complete most evaluations and repairs in-house, including tear downs, rebuilds and complete overhauls. Equipment in our facility includes:

Dynamic Balancing

  • Balance Master HB-30
    0-50 lbs. capacity
  • Schenck H30BU
    50-3,000 lbs.
  • Schenck H60B
    3,000-40,000 lbs. and up to 30 ft. long
* We use EasyBalance Software

Hydraulic Wrenches

  • Sweeney
  • Titan


  • Poulan P-100 Horizontal
  • Poulan P-200 Horizontal
  • 30 Ton Vertical
  • 100 Ton Vertical